Rich Bennett, Guitarist & Composer


I currently teach guitar to students of all levels. I focus on technique, but more importantly, my goal is to help you develop an instinct for guitar. Great musicians share an intelligence about where, when and how music happens. I can help you gain this rare ability and it will serve as a lasting resource from which to grow as an artist.

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge in theory, master bar chords and scales, or just learn the basics to play your favorite songs, I can help you get to where you’re going. Please get in touch for more information on lessons.

I have been teaching guitar for 15 years privately and through Third Street Music Settlement, Day Jams Music Program, and Manhattan’s PS 41 After School Program

Beginners: A lesson will begin with strength building exercises for your fingers, followed by learning open chords, basic note reading, and how to play simple songs (after a few lessons you will have the freedom to bring in songs you like).

Intermediate: I generally focus on 5th and 6th string bar chords, songs with these chords, scales in 5 positions, and more advanced melodies and riffs.

Advanced: I can help develop your abilities with jazz/advanced chords, arpeggios, triads in all positions, ear training, to theory.

Special focus: I also have particular areas of musical expertise which may be of interest to students and which can be incorporated into guitar lessons. Some of my specialties include: